8 recipe-videos: try them all!
Bergamo’s chefs reinterpret the Italian cuisine

Here’s a foretaste of what you can find on Bergamo’s tables. Nine chefs, nine restaurants located over Bergamo and its territory and nine recipes where tradition meets gastronomic innovation. Discover the Italian culinary art on screen… and in your plate, as well!

These videos feature some of Bergamo’s greatest chefs as they interpret the most famous dishes of the Italian food tradition: from unusual entrees to excellent first courses, meats, PDO cheeses and historic mountain meals.

Take note of the restaurants where you can taste these delicacies and treat yourself with a delicious break over the Upper Town, Lower Bergamo and the surrounding villages. Enjoy your meal!


La Marianna is an historic café and restaurant in the Upper Bergamo, where the elegant atmosphere mixes up with a stunning view of the valleys. Go taste the special raviolis filled with mortadella, served with polenta, Branzi cheese and brown gravy sauce.
A terrace overlooking the thousand lights of the city: it’s the Baretto di San Vigilio, one of the most romantic restaurants of Bergamo. Try the puff pastry bundle filled with local endive on Taleggio cheese and black truffle fondue.
In Piazza Vecchia, the heart of the Upper Town, the chefs of Trattoria Sant’Ambroeus reinterpret the greatest classics of Bergamo’s traditional cuisine, besides paying tribute to the “Milanese Cutlet”, one of Lombardy’s most famous dishes.
At Ponte di Briolo Restaurant high-level cuisine is a family affair: this elegant restaurant has been offering local products, exquisite wines and refined dishes for four generations. One of these is the pumpkin cream with creamed stockfish quenelles.
At Da Mimmo’s, in the Upper Town, the chefs prepare numerous high level dishes, inspired by the local culinary history: go try the Smaiassa, a traditional mountain dessert with figs, walnuts, fox grapes and yellow flour, a great classic of our tradition.
Near Bergamo, Trattoria Falconi offers the most renowned dishes from Bergamo along with Tuscan specialities, including the famous Florentine steak. Do not miss the pork chop served with Branzi cheese fondue, toasted polenta and potatoes.
The Nosècc are small knobs of salami filling rolled inside Savoy cabbage leaves. They are some of the delicious dishes you can savour inside the lovely historic dwelling hosting the Trattoria Visconti, a noble family restaurant.
Not far from the former Sant’Agostino Monastery, in the Upper Town, you will find La Tana, a restaurant whose walls feature beautiful exposed stones: here you can taste some actual gastronomic masterpieces, such as the local nettle gnocchi with Agrì di Valtorta, one of the best PDO cheeses from Bergamo.