Brembana Valley
Five good reasons to fall in love with it

From the foot of the Upper Town to the San Marco Pass, crossing the Orobie pre-Alps, the Brembana Valley extends all along the Brembo River, among mysterious side valleys, creek and mule tracks climbing up the mountains.

Ancient hamlets, folklore, pure nature, culture, food and wine are waiting for you, just a few kilometres away from Bergamo: enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of this Valley and let its verdant vegetation carry you away.

Moreover, the Brembana Valley offers you numerous pathways across woods and peaks, beautiful ski slopes, itineraries for trekking, mountain bike, snowshoeing and all kinds of outdoor activities, all year round.
The Brembana Valley is also homeland of 9 DOP cheeses, such as Taleggio and Formai de mut, the undisputed stars of gastronomy festivals and mountain huts, to be tasted with cold cuts and “taragna” polenta.
Enjoy the charm of the “Liberty” architecture style in San Pellegrino, where the vintage and art nouveau atmosphere of the Casino and the Grand Hotel meet the contemporary design of the brand new Spa.
The modern postal service was invented in Cornello dei Tasso, one of the most beautiful hamlets in Italy. Among its medieval alleys you can find the Museum of the Tasso family and the Postal Service History, where even a Penny Black, one of the first stamps ever issued, is guarded.
The Commedia dell’Arte is also housed in the Brembana Valley, where Harlequin was born. In fact, this character – wearing a chequered costume – comes from the hamlet of Oneta, a village surrounded by forest, where you can visit his native house as well.