Bergamo in history
Come travel back in time with us on VisitBergamo, and then go discover the wonder yourself.

Bergamo holds the roots of its history inside its name, along with the charm of its ancient origins: a mountain (Berg) with a house on top (heim). Located right before the pre-Alps, the city on the hill used to be a Celtic settlement before the coming of the Romans in the year 49 b. C, when it became a Municipality. Over the centuries, this strategic natural stronghold overlooking the flatland experienced the dominations of Lombards and Frankish populations, up to the age of the communes, when Bergamo began to turn into the medieval gem we can admire today.

After the dominion of Milan’s Visconti family, Bergamo became the extreme western outpost of the Republic of Venice, also called “the Serenissima”, for which the renowned mercenary captain from Bergamo Bartolomeo Colleoni used to fight. After playing a major role during the so-called “Risorgimento”, the period leading to unification of Italy, Bergamo joined the Kingdom of Italy and then the Italian Republic: throughout the XX Century Bergamo grew and thrived, till it reached its current look featuring a perfect blend of past, present and future. The layering of ages, populations and cultures constantly interplays with the life of this lively cultural and economical centre, which was able to keep its amazing artistic and natural heritage without giving up innovation.

Ave Bergomum! The city during the Roman times
Fascinating Roman ruins illustrate the history of ancient Bergomum, built along the “cardo” and the “Decumanus” streets: go follow the traces of a two thousands years old Bergamo across the museums and the archaeological sites of the Upper Town.
Medieval Bergamo: the beauty of a perfectly preserved borough
All along the paved streets of the Upper Town you can still feel the echoes of a dynamic medieval town: go explore it from the Cittadella square to the Rocca stronghold and let yourself be enchanted by its rich palaces, its towers and its surprising corners.
Lotto, Moroni and the city of Renaissance arts
Beautiful, lively and open: during the Renaissance Bergamo used to be a crossroads for merchants, scholars and artists that will leave their masterpieces all over the city. Discover it by visiting the Accademia Carrara Picture Gallery and the churches of the city.
Bergamo, the walled outpost of the “Serenissima”
Under the watchful eye of the stone lions, the symbol of the Venice Republic, you will cross the access gates to the Upper Bergamo, surrounded by its massive XV Century Walls: go discover all their secrets.
The XIX Century, the genius of opera and his background
The curtain rises on the Nineteenth Century Bergamo: a centre of culture, art and theatre, where the spirit and the music of the great opera composer Gaetano Donizetti is alive and well, today more than ever.
Bergamo, the City of the Thousands
Bergamo’s nickname is an acknowledgement to the 179 citizens that took part in the Expedition of the Thousands led by Giuseppe Garibaldi during the Italian “Risorgimento” period.
Twentieth Century, a new concept of Bergamo
Compositional severity and imposing volumes, renowned architects reshaping the face of the city with libraries, innovation centres and religious sites. In Bergamo, the Twentieth Century is an actual journey across an ever-changing city.
The spirit of centuries is kept inside the heart of Città Alta
The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore holds over seven centuries of beauty: a unique layering of styles and masterpieces by renowned artists. Come admire them all at once!
How the City on the hill imagines its future
Back in the days, enemies used to be spotted from the San Vigilio Hill: today you can come here and overlook the entire city, its fascinating past, its precious green heart and its bright future.