An archaeological site of great national relevance has just been inaugurated in the beautiful area of Lake Iseo and Cavallina Valley: the old glory of the past has been brought back to light with the recent restoration works, across Casazza, Lovere and Predore.


“Cavellas” is the name of the ancient roman village of Casazza, which has been brought back to light and finally reopened to the public after the 29 years-long excavations. You can now live a unique experience, going back in time thanks to the innovative technologies of the interactive and multi-sensorial museum. Then can move to Predore, on the Lake Iseo sides, to learn more about the wealthy Romans’ life and habits, through the visit of the wonderful Roman villa. Eventually, driving all along the lakeside heading north, you can stopover at Lovere and admire its outstanding Roman necropolis: the recent excavation and restoration works led to the discovery of new tombs and precious artefacts dating back to the most significant Empire in the European history.  An inestimable heritage, just a few kilometres far from Bergamo!

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