Visiting Bergamo has never been so easy. Five new multimedia totems have been installed in Piazzale Marconi, right in front of the Railway Station, to help you explore our city. 

Timetables of trains and buses, fees, city maps and traffic information: the five multimedia totems located in the strategic points of both Bergamo railway station and bus station have been designed to help you optimize travel times and enjoy the best of our city.

Moreover, this is just one of the many initiatives Bergamo is carrying on around mobility, enhancing alternative transportation means such as the “BiGi” bike-sharing service and optimizing parking system and traffic management. Your visit to Bergamo will be a walk in the park.

Useful information

The 5 multimedia totems are located in Piazzale Marconi, the square right in front of Bergamo Railway Station, where the main city bus stops are.