Cheeses of Bergamo
A journey across flavours

The lovely landscapes around Bergamo - countryside, valleys and mountains – don’t offer just stunning landscapes, but also delicious food and wine products: having the primacy of Protected Designation of Origin (“DOP”) cheeses, our province has the richest and the best cheese variety. 

More than 120 grazing lands and pastures from where the best cow and goat milk comes from are able to bring to Bergamo’s tables 9 DOP cheeses, 3 Slow Food presidia cheeses and many others included in the regional list of traditional products.  

The cheese names often tell their making process: for instance the “Salva”, the stracchino cheese created to “save” (in Italian “salvare”) the abundant milk available, or the Quartirolo cheese”, that is made with the milk of the fourth (“quarto” in Italian) grass cutting.
In addition to this, other Slow Food presidia from Bergamo are the delicious Agrì di Valtorta and the Bitto Storico, a rich cheese made by adding some goat milk to the paste.
Also the Stracchino all’Antica deserves a tasting: this Slow Food presidium is a particular type of “stracchino” soft cheese, whose name also come from the word “stracche”, an adjective used in the Bergamo dialect to describe the cows exhausted after the long transhumance.
You should really try the Strachitunt, the newest member of our DOP cheeses list, including Formai de Mut, Taleggio, Bitto, Grana Padano, Gorgonzola, Quartirolo Lombardo, Provolone Valpadana and Salva Cremasco.