The Romanesque architecture of the Lemine
Geometry and spirituality.

The first landmark is the rare circular Church of Saint Tomè.
The second place to visit is the Church of Saint George, with its beautiful frescos.
The third jewel is Madonna del Castello, three different buildings of fine workmanship.
The last landmark to visit is the bridge of Attone, located in a wild natural setting.

We are pleased to present an itinerary which, in about six hours, gives a good overview of the principal buildings of the Lemine, an area northwest of Bergamo, which encompasses a sequence of masterpieces of Romanesque architecture in a few square kilometres.

The heart of this itinerary is the Church of Saint Tomè, a rare example of circular sacred building. The purity of the shapes and the capacity to evoke meditation make it a must for those who are moved by simplicity.



Not far is the Church of Saint George, with its severe façade, contrasting with the highly evocative frescos, that pulse with colour on the internal walls.
The sanctuary of the Madonna, a complex of various buildings, gives the visitor the opportunity to discover sacred places that through symbols, capitals and statues tell about some of the great themes of all time, such as the struggle between good and evil.
Not to be missed is the bridge of Attone, in Ubiale Clanezzo, which is a fine example of medieval engineering.