Lower Bergamo
The quite ancient village streets meet the modern dynamism of Bergamo Bassa. Town to be lived, moderness to be crossed and charm to be discovered through monuments, museums, coffee bars and restaurants; to then raise a gaze to a picturesque Città Alta.

A bird’s eye view would be ideal to see the close relationship that exists between modern Bergamo on the plain and the old part of the town, represented by the borghi or districts. These developed along the principal roads of communication between the upper town and the surrounding areas. The most important, in terms of art and history, are Borgo Pignolo, Borgo Palazzo and Borgo Sant’Alessandro.


The modern town developed between the district of Pignolo and Sant’Alessandro between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The most significant places in the modern town are the Sentierone, where locals take their traditional passeggiata, and the Torre dei Caduti (Memorial Tower).

The Sentierone is overlooked by the Donizetti Theatre and its romantic monument dedicated to the maestro, and the church of San Bartolomeo, with its large altarpiece by Lorenzo Lotto “Madonna with Child on a throne and Saints”.

If you would like to get a souvenir photo of Bergamo condensed into one shot, we recommend heading to the propylaea of Porta Nuova, two Neoclassical buildings standing either side of Viale Vittorio Emanuele. With the station behind you, the left-hand propylaeum is the ideal point to capture the view which opens out towards Città Alta and its skyline from the balanced space of the Sentierone. Click! Done! You can keep the memory of an unforgettable city always on you, as well as in your heart and mind.