Upper Bergamo
The challenge to build a magic citadel that would be suspended between the sky and the earth, like a dream, was won only once in the whole of Italy. It was, and is, in Lombardy, in Upper Bergamo.

Before you get lost in the blue of the Alps that fade into the sky, your gaze will meet a wonderful and impressive terrace overlooking the plains and the mountains,which have surrounded artistic and cultural treasures on the hill for centuries.

Bergamo greets visitors with its Venetian Walls. Surrounded by rivers and lush, verdant valleys, crossed by paths that widen to Parco dei Colli, the area’s largest park, the city looks like a lounge filled with art, culture and nature, with a fascinating and complex history just waiting to be shared with others.

Also known as the “Città dei Mille”, or City of the Thousand, in honour of those 180 Bergamo youths (young men) who departed from here in 1860 to participate in the expedition “of the thousand” led by Garibaldi that resulted in the unification of Italy, Bergamo’s streets bear signs of its ancient history, a story that’s still in the making.

Among museums, works of art and splendid natural surroundings, cobbled streets and buildings with beautiful facades, religious and contemporary artistic treasures and masterpieces of taste and wine, events that are held throughout the year: the “upper and lower” city reveals a mixture of pleasant surprises and unexpected encounters, such as those with Gaetano Donizetti, the great composer of international renown, Bartolomeo Colleoni, the Bergamo leader who served under the Republic of Venice and Lorenzo Lotto, among the most famous Italian Renaissance artists who lived and worked in Bergamo for over a decade.

Bergamo Underground
Come and discover the beauty hidden underneath the city!
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