A lot of “secret” passages and hidden streets cross Bergamo. Walking along them means to enjoy some peculiar points of view and infinite new ways of travelling, where discovery and marvel merge perfectly.

You can choose to focus on the harmony and beauty hidden inside the City Walls – churches, alleys, squares, and palaces -, or on the historic boroughs, or even on the masterpieces of the Low City. On the other hand, you can explore the nature of our flatland, among fields, narrow streets across the countryside, surprising landscapes and walks along the waterways (lakes or rivers). You can also breath deep the purest air ever and enjoy the mystical power of Bergamo’s mountains, where history, culture and excellent food come together.

Numerous routes are just waiting for you to explore them, so that you can enjoy one of Italy’s masterpieces whether you are on a holiday or you just have a few hours available. 

Whatever your idea of travel is, here you will find the right itinerary for you.

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