Art and Culture
The land of Bergamo is going to amaze you with its rich artistic and cultural treasures.

The land of Bergamo is going to amaze you with its rich artistic and cultural treasures.

Here are a few examples: the Accademia Carrara, a picture gallery displaying some works by Botticelli, Bellini and Reaphael; the Suardi Oratory in Trescore Balneario, decorated with one of the finest cycles of frescoes by Lorenzo Lotto, or the beautiful Romanesque Church of San Tomè, a rare example of round plan religious building.

Many renowned personalities lived in Bergamo’s territory, also contributing to make it so culturally rich. Bergamo is the birthplace of Gaetano Donizetti, one of the most performed musicians ever. Also some great painters such as Lorenzo Lotto and Palma il Vecchio left their mark. You can find it by admiring the beautiful frescoes decorating the churches of Bergamo and its province.

The invaluable artistic heritage can also be enjoyed in small hamlets. Camerata Cornello, where the history of European postal service was born.

The gems of Lake Iseo – Lovere, with its picture galleries, churches, towers, palaces, and Sarnico, where you can catch a boat and go see the lovely Art Nouveau gardens and villas.

Moreover, Bergamo’s fortifications represent an amazing treasure as well: the Venetian Walls and the numerous castles all over the territory are definitely worth a visit.

The border between the Republic of Venice and the Duchy of Milan, Bergamo saw a proliferation of fortifications. Now the border is no more, but the castles are, and they're waiting to be explored!
Churches and Sanctuaries
The birthplace of the Good Pope has always been a destination for pilgrims. Perhaps this is why it saw a proliferation of Sanctuaries (just think, only 106 of these are dedicated to the Madonna!)
Lasciatevi incantare dagli allestimenti tradizionali e interattivi dei musei di Bergamo.
Historic houses
In the Middle Ages the noble families lived in towers, then moved in far more luxurious palaces. The surviving towers are few, but the palaces are quite numerous: Can you find them all?
The land of Bergamo gave so much to the world of theatre: from the genius of opera Gaetano Donizetti to the character of Harlequin, who enriched the Commedia dell’Arte along with other stock...
Hermann Hesse visited Bergamo in 1913 and defined Piazza Vecchia as “Italy’s most beautiful corner”. 
Historic Boroughs
Small villages overlooking the lake, tiny hamlets where the European postal service was born, medieval centres where time has stopped, small towns full of art treasures: places where art,...
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