Alpine Ski
400 km of packed snow, making up a total of 130 slopes, await you one hour from Bergamo!

130 slopes in the sun

The beauty of the ski resorts in Bergamo province is that nearly all are no more than an hour by car from Bergamo. This is a characteristic (and advantage) of the Bergamask mountains, which climb directly from the Po valley and reach altitudes of up to three thousand metres, offering great environmental variety.

The 130 downhill pistes are almost all concentrated in the two main valleys that cross the great mountain barrier – Val Brembana and Val Seriana. In addition to these is Valle di Scalve,  offers the opportunity of skiing in a dolomitic environment, surrounded by splendid mountains of pure limestone, like the Presolana.

The Orobie mountains, which extend for over 80 kilometres from Lake Lecco to Valle Camonica, face southwards, guaranteeing the skier many hours of light and sun. The choice of where to ski is very wide and varied. The 130 pistes offer almost 400 kilometres of snow on which to have fun in every way possible: 45 are easy, while 64 are rated intermediate, and expert skiers have 21 more difficult slopes on which to test their skills. There are approximately 70 ski lifts, and everywhere there are quality facilities and services together with cross-country ski trails, toboggan and sled runs, ice-skating rinks and extremely modern snowparks. In fact everything you need for a holiday of sport and fun.

The most well-know ski resort, from a historical viewpoint, is without doubt Foppolo in Valle Brembana. It was created just after World War II when, on the wave of Italy’s “economic miracle”, the inhabitants of Bergamo and Milan took up skiing. It is also very well known among European skiers. Foppolo is surrounded by other ski resorts all located in the upper valley: Carona, San Simone, Piazzatorre, Valtorta Piani di Bobbio, Oltre il Colle Zambla.

The top resort in Valle Seriana is Monte Pora, which has developed over the last few decades; then Lizzola, in a setting of rugged peaks, Spiazzi di Gromo and the Presolana Pass, a “historic” Lombardy ski resort, where at the beginning of the last century people started skiing down the hills watched by bemused mountain inhabitants. In Valle di Scalve, finally, on the pistes of Schilpario and Colere, the ski lifts are located beneath the north wall of the Presolana mountain, a shear rock face and paradise of climbers.

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