Val di Scalve
The farther away you go from Bergamo’s Valleys, the wider and longer the ski slopes and trails!

The most famous resorts are Colere for downhill skiing, Schilpario for Nordic skiing, Vilminore di Scalve and Azzone.

The most isolated of the Bergamask valleys, accessible from the Seriana Valley through the Presolana Pass or from the Camonica Valley. Surrounded by mountains and crossed by the stream Dezzo, Val di Scalve is the ideal destination for outdoor sports and for all those loving to hike across nature.

Hikers can choose from a wide range of mountain trekking trails, while in winter over 25 km of ski slopes attract a great number of skiers. Mainly located in a mountain area, Val di Scalve is also a cross-country skiing paradise with 4 ski runs in the pine forest of Schilpario.

Extremely interesting for the surrounding nature, the Via Mala is the road leading to Val Camonica. It was dug into the rock of a narrow gorge with steep walls at the bottom of which flows the rushing Dezzo.

The Scalve Valley offers a beautiful unspoilt alpine environment with mountain peaks and pine forests surrounding the valley’s principal town, Schilpario. The iron mines were the main source of employment until over a century ago, but today visitors can get a glimpse of life long ago at the museum or by taking a tour of the mine, which extends for a distance of 800 metres.