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The Great Bergamo – “La Grande Bergamo” consists of 34 villages surrounding the city, whose boundaries are often quite blurred. They all look very different from one another, but each of them surely deserves a visit. 

Besides being a wonderful city, Bergamo is also surrounded by a large number of villages featuring natural, historical and artistic beauties. If you want to go on a trip, you’ll be spoiled with choice!

North of Bergamo, the landscape starts to change. Hills start to appear and from east to west you can admire our Valleys: Cavallina Valley, Seriana Valley and Brembana Valley, each rich of wonderful treasures of art, food and wine, nature.

In Cavallina Valley, go visit Scanzorosciate, the home of Moscato wine, one of the best and most celebrated products of Bergamo, also celebrated during a specific summer event. All over the hills at the foot of the Orobie pre-Alps you can also visit the villages of Trescore Balneario, Albano Sant’Alessandro, Brusaporto, Pedrengo, Torre de’ Roveri and many other ones, enjoying their lovely farm houses and tasting the delicious local food.

At the beginning of the Seriana Valley, along the river, you will find some beautiful villages such as Villa di Serio, Ranica, Albino, Nembro: enjoy the numerous cycle lanes surrounded by lush vegetation, including the renowned one from Ranica to Clusone, 31 km long. Beside the natural beauties, don’t miss the artistic ones, such as the amazing sacristies of the Basilica di San Martino in Alzano Lombardo, dating back to the XVII Century.

To the west, along the River Brembo, several nice villages are located, like Almè, Curno, Sorisole and Valbrembo, where the famous Wildlife Park “Le Cornelle” is, hosting a wide range of exotic animals.

To the south, Bergamo’s entrepreneurial spirit is well represented by the multinational company Tenaris, in Dalmine, and the high-tech research centre “Km Rosso” in Stezzano.

Not to mention the folklore: go visit the village of Zanica, where the popular and traditional puppet character Giopì was born, along with his wife Margì and his son Bortolì.

Moreover, explore Bergamo’s “green belt”, the “Parco dei Colli”: 4.700 hectares of pure nature including the city and the surrounding municipalities, such as Mozzo, Ponteranica, Ranica, Torre Boldone and Villa d'Almé. Don’t miss the opportunity to go up the Maresana, the most famous hill of our province, the perfect destination for a one-day trip or a holiday picnic.