A simple trattoria and an all-Italian atmosphere. In this restaurant, you will find everything you are looking for: a good tasting platter, polenta, cheeses and meat. The outdoor terrace is ideal for those who want to eat while enjoying the view over the lower town. With hats hanging on the wall and walls that speak of history, you are an Alpine troop here, you will definitely feel at home!

Large room also available for events.

Not to be missed in this area

Nothing is lost. Art and matter in transformation

From October 15, 2021 at February 13, 2022

Nothing is lost. Art and matter...

Via San Tomaso, 53, 24121 Bergamo, Bergamo


Azienda Le Sorgenti

  • 3489490210
  • Via Fontana, 19, 24129 Bergamo, Bergamo
Villa Natta Viewpoint

Dimora Le Nove Fate 2

Del Rosso Michela

Mia Dudek at the ex- Fountain of the Upper Town

From December 04, 2021 at February 06, 2022

Mia Dudek at the ex- Fountain...

Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe, 3, 24129 Bergamo, Bergamo

Rita Patelli’s Atelier

Dimora Le Nove Fate

Bosco a Bacio
Tribute to Donnino Rumi

From November 27, 2021 at January 31, 2022

Tribute to Donnino Rumi

Via Sant'Orsola, 19f, 24122 Bergamo, Bergamo