Kura is a Japanese restaurant located in the centre of lower Bergamo.

The open kitchen and mostly wooden furniture make the environment modern and welcoming.

The menu offers a wide selection of cold and hot Japanese dishes. From appetisers to salads, from carpaccio to tartare and, of course, the local specialty: sushi and sashimi, nigiri, uramaki, temaki and the inevitable fried dishes.

All dishes can also be ordered to take away.


Accessibility values

  • Bagno con maniglioni Bagno con maniglioni

Wheelchair accessible restaurant if accompanied (for entry).

Entrance from public footpath with coplanar paving. The entrance to the restaurant has a 10.5cm threshold. Entrance door 100cm wide, hinged with inward opening.

The bathroom is wheelchair accessible, it is located on the ground floor, sliding door, 90cm wide. It has adequate manoeuvring space for frontal, lateral and diagonal approach to the toilet bowl; it has a fixed handle on the right and a tilting handle to the left of the toilet bowl.


The restaurant is on the ground floor and the first floor, however, it does not have an elevator. It has no external signs that make it recognisable from afar.

It offers a Japanese menu - sushi, also to take away, some dishes also cater for food intolerances (gluten free) and for other specific diets, on request.

Entrance threshold height: 10.5cm

Entrance door width: 100cm

Bathroom door width: 90cm

Toilet height: 50cm.

Washbasin height: 85cm, with frontal approach.


Not to be missed in this area