“Antica Osteria del Camelì” was established in 1856: it is an extremely old restaurant located on the way to the city of Lecco, inside a XVI Century courtyard. 

Today it is an excellent restaurant where you can taste both traditional and original dishes.
The selection of meat and fish is just superb. 

Á la carte


• Assorted raw vegetables, oilseeds, herbs Gomashio, hemps, oil and vinegar (K) 20€
• Asparaguses, crispy prawns and squids flavoured with organic lemon 30€
• “Upstream” salmon, Russian salad and a little raw asparagus 30€ (tasting 21€)
• Sweet herring salad with hemp seeds (K) 20€
• Gourmet pizza with fresh Vigolo cheese, Sant’Ilario ham and Taggiasche olives 30€
• Terrine with caramelized goose liver, chilli pepper cherries, mustard-flavoured fruit and assorted toasted seeds 30€ (tasting 21€)

First courses

• Ravioli-shaped Gnocchi filled with vegetables, asparagus sauce and shrimps 35€ (tasting 25€)
• Half-whole tagliatelle pasta with pistachio pesto, confit tomatoes and clams 35€
• Ravioli dedicated to an excellent stock 35€ (without caviar 25€)
• Bergamo-style casoncelli 30€ (tasting 21€)
• Smoked scamorza cheese and zucchini 30€ (tasting 21€)

Fish main courses

• Sea bas fillet flavoured with orange, liquid parsley assorted (K) 35€
• Dried lake anchovies served warm with polenta (K) 30€ (tasting 21€)
• Light fried fish with crispy battered vegetables 40€ (tasting 28€, 2 people at least)
• Half soft European lobster with peas cream and smoked pancetta 35€ (only for 2, 4, 6… people

(K) = Dishes created according to the principles of the Kousmine method enhancing the immune system

Meat main courses

• Veil brains with asparagus and quail egg 30€
• Steak with browned 30€ (tasting 21€, only for 2, 4, 6…people)
• White whine local organic chicken with zucchini (K) 30€
• Fine duck liver with pureed apricots, caramel and pistachios 40€ (tasting 28€)
Cheeses 12€ (one portion of one single cheese to be chosen)
• Vigolo Formaggella / raw paste Taleggio from Mount Bronzone / Goat cheese
• Ripened Valtellina cheese / Hills Parmigiano Reggiano / Bagoss
• Pecorino di fossa / Natural Gorgonzola from Casalpusterlengo
• Small tasting of four Lombard cheeses 15€
• Tasting of eight Italian cheeses 20€

Desserts 16€

• Sbrisolona cake, fresh fruit and almond and orange ice cream
• Frozen strawberries, sliced bananas and burned lemon cream
• Light dark chocolate mousse, liquorice ice cream (K)
• Meringue, dark chocolate parfait, coffee toffee cream (K)
• Dome-shaped gulamerah ice cream, crispy oat and vanilla cream (K) (K) = Dishes created according to the principles of the Kousmine method enhancing the immune system