Imagna Valley
5 good reasons to love it

Crossed by mountain creek that gives its name, the Imagna Valley is a green and fascinating oasis where culture, sports and nature come together with the good food and the relaxation of its thermal baths.

Discover five good reasons for exploring these breath-taking landscapes, guardians of environmental beauty and tradition.

People used to cover the roofs of the typical Imagna Valley houses with the so-called “piode” (slate slabs), while the walls were built using the “pride”, another kind of stone. Do not miss the ancient hamlet of Arnosto, the old customs of the Venice Republic until the XVIII Century.
The pure elegance of Romanesque architecture is one of the surprises in the Imagna Valley: don’t miss the Rotonda di San Tomè, a jewel from the twelfth century holding ancient mysteries and memories.
After art and architecture, let’s go discover nature, including hiking trails to explore on foot or by bicycle. You can also try the thrill of the Adventure Park. Moreover, do not miss a horseback riding or a.... llama riding!
It’s not all fun and excitement in Valle Imagna: in fact, it also offers over two centuries of tradition in wellness, relaxation and self-care. Since 1772 the water of the Sant'Omobono thermal baths has been known for its healing properties.
From the wellness of the spa to the wellness at the table: visit the “Casa dello Stracchino della Bruna” in Corna Imagna, where you can taste wines from the valley along with cheeses like the traditional stracchino called "the treasure of Bruna".