Bergamo Low-Cost
Mini guide to discover Bergamo 25 €.

"I stood there spellbound. It was a piece of the best that Italy has to offer, all of the many small, but lovely, surprises which makes the trip more than worthwhile. " And here Bergamo is described by the pen of Hesse in 1926. The charm that captivated the Nobel Prize for Literature is a luxury available to everyone by following some tips to enjoy the beauty of the city and its flavors with only 25 €.


To experience Bergamo with complete freedom and no frills travel, with less than 25 €, choose a hostel in the heart of the Lower Town, between the green hills and relaxation and just a few minutes by bus from the center.
With a 24h ATB travel card you can travel on all public transport for 5 €, get into all the Upper Town museums' with one pass (7 €) and discover the art of the Renaissance Accademia Carrara.
No need to spend a fortune to enjoy the food and wine of Bergamo, just choose “the thousand flavor circuit”... where lunch and dinner cost from 5 € to 20 €, glass of Valcalepio included.
Spending only a little you can taste cured meats, delicately sliced cold cuts and cheeses, all of which are km 0, and try a typical "primo" (usually a plate of pasta) of Bergamo, casoncelli, fresh stuffed pasta topped with butter, sage and bacon. Bon appetit!