Bergamo Underground
Come and discover the beauty hidden underneath the city!

Bergamo is beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside. The ground under the upper town is full of surprises, and thanks to the initiatives of volunteer spelunkers it was first discovered and now has been made accessible to everyone. Come and see an environment where architecture, the past and nature have all merged together.

From the cannons in the walls to the old cisterns: Go underground and discover the beauty hidden from the sun!

The Cannons of San Michele The Venetian walls conceal secrets! Hidden exit doors and underground cannons which beat along the sides of the ramparts.
The natural calcite within the walls, carried and deposited by the passing of water, has created stalactites up to 3 meters long!
The Cannons of San Giovanni There is not only history! There is the environment of the cave itself, which had been closed for centuries until it was restored, and now has taken on the appearance of a true natural cave.
The guns are no longer there, but the environment, which has been carefully restored, still maintains intact with its charm.
The Lantro Fountain Here you can literally feel the time fly by! This water source has been used since before the year one thousand, although the present structure dates back "only" to the '500.
In the late '800 the well was replaced by an aqueduct, but still the reverberations of the water in the tank make the setting very intriguing.

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The Cannoniere and the Lantro fountain are temporarily closed. To visit the other areas of Underground Bergamo, please contact:
Gruppo Speleologico Le Nottole

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