The virtual gateway to the Cities
Always connected

Like an intergalactic portal, TheGate2023 will project you in real time from one end of the Capital of Culture to the other, allowing you to see and greet who is inside the twin gate. It's a virtual teleportation of course - but no less exciting!

Discover with us the secrets of this original installation, conceived by the same designers as the Expo 2015’s Tree of Life.

TheGate2023 is a work of both technology and design. Its body of mirrors and screens coexists harmoniously with the reality that surrounds it, emerging from the urban fabric right when you are in front of it.
On its walls you will be able to see not only the two squares, but also immersive videos, live streaming programs and live coverage of the other city's most iconic places: a tribute to culture as an artistic expression and as innovation, in recognition of the inventiveness of local businesses.
The first screening? UNREEL, a digital art review that includes works by young international artists such as Elodie Anglade, Convivial Studio, Drake, Fantamagico, Illo Jacksachs and Dirk Koi just to name a few.
Ready to travel in body and mind? TheGate2023 awaits you in Bergamo and Brescia to provide countless emotions.