Spring is coming, full of unmissable events!
Capital of Culture: March events

The Year of Culture continues: you've only tasted the beginning, now it's time to get to the heart of the Capital!

After the great success of the Festival of Lights, the city is ready to amaze you with many new initiatives: music, art, culture and cinema are the protagonists this month.

The fixed exhibitions remain at the GAMeC, Palazzo Martinengo and the Accademia Carrara with Cecco del Caravaggio, while a new character, with an almost mysterious history, is added in the Upper Town: Medea Colleoni. There will be a return to the big cinema screens before leaving you in the hands of jazz that will fill every corner of the city with energy... there is so much to discover, we are waiting for you!

From 4th to 26th March, the ex-Church of the Maddalena hosts the exhibition Beyond the secret garden. In a Baschenis-designed frame, irises, magnolias, hydrangeas and poppies will establish a dialogue between the artist and the spectators.
On 10th March, the new Bergamo Film Meeting season opens with the national preview of Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece, set to live music by the Milan Youth Symphony Orchestra. 9 days of great cinema will follow!
19th – 26th March. A week of music awaits you throughout the city with the 44th edition of the Bergamo Jazz Festival… ready to rediscover the places of the capital accompanied by the sound and energy of jazz played by numerous international artists?
The first exhibition in the world dedicated to the most charismatic pupil of Caravaggio, Francesco Boneri, aka Cecco del Caravaggio. If you haven't seen it yet, this is your chance!
After thirty-six years, Giacomo Ceruti returns to the Santa Giulia Museum in Brescia with the Miseria&Nobiltà exhibition, in which new aspects of the great master, known for his representations of the humble classes and penetrating portraits, will be revealed.
A leap… into the void at the GAMeC is a must: the surreal journey to discover dematerialisation continues, seen through the eyes of the movements that have explored the theme, from the avant-garde to the post-digital.
In the Upper Town starting from 16th March, "Io Medea", an exhibition spread between the Colleoni Chapel and the Mai Library which, for the first time, tells the legend of Bartolomeo Colleoni's favourite daughter, who died prematurely at just 14 years old.
The exhibition dedicated to the painters Lotto, Romanino, Moretto and Ceruti also continues at Palazzo Martinengo in Brescia: come and discover the comparison and dialogue between Bergamasco and Brescian masters of past centuries through the 80 works on display.

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