Welcome to the Italian Capital of Culture 2023
The party starts with a party!

The third week of January you are invited to a roaring weekend: the inaugural ceremony of Bergamo Brescia Capital of Culture is held on Friday 20th, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd.

Tune in live to the opening, broadcast simultaneously by the Donizetti and Grande theatres of the two cities, to discover what’s happening during this unique year. The next day choirs, parades and a great show in the centre await you, in a continuous succession of surprises.

Come and celebrate with us in the square, you can join the event’s parades and sparkling choreographies!

Saturday 21st begins with a special moment: in the morning, children's choirs will sing the Anthem of the Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture, performed in the central squares of the two capitals.
In the afternoon, in Bergamo, four colourful processions will start from different districts and squares throughout the city, crossing it to the sound of music and dancing to finally unite in Piazza Vittorio Veneto.
Here the unmissable show awaits you, conducted by Francesco Micheli, artistic director of the Donizetti Theatre. To follow, lots of theatre, music, acrobats, video projections and fireworks with the show MILLUMINA, in Piazzale Marconi.
But this is just the beginning: the first events from the capital's rich calendar will arrive the following week, including shows, exhibitions and concerts scattered throughout Bergamo and Brescia.
Want to help make this grand event even bigger? You can participate in the inauguration of the Capital both as a spectator and as a participant! Just sign up, and you can do it right here.