Up and down the staircases
A journey through time

If you love to look for alternative routes while travelling, take off-the-beaten-track roads and find uninterrupted views, you must discover the staircases: medieval cobbled streets that dot the sides of the hill on which Upper Bergamo stands.

Once used by farmers to reach the terraced gardens, today they are places where time slows down. Walk along them and let yourself be carried away from the frenzy!

These ancient streets that branch off from the historic centre retain a bucolic dimension and offer picturesque panoramic views.

The easiest to reach is the Salita della Scaletta, whose departure is located near the lower funicular and allows us to reach the panoramic Porta San Giacomo, one of the four access roads to the old city.
Another central staircase is Via della Noca which connects the Porta di Sant’Agostino with Piazza Giacomo Carrara, where the Accademia Carrara, the city art gallery and GAMeC, the gallery of modern and contemporary art are located.
The enchanting 245 steps of the Scaletta delle More: from Via dello Statuto, through the Scarola vegetable gardens, lead us to Borgo Canale. A wide view of the city below and the birthplace of Gaetano Donizetti await us.
For the more daring, the famous staircases of the Scorlazzino and Scorlazzone join the summit of San Vigilio to San Martino della Pigrizia. The dry-stone walls along the route alternate with unmissable views of the Astino Valley and the San Sebastiano hill.

Scorlazzino and Scorlazzone

The Vie del Verde first route

The Vie del Verde second route