Donizetti Opera Revolution
From the theatre to your living room, the sound of an orchestra in one click

Donizetti's name and operas have withstood the centuries, they live in the heart of Bergamo’s people and the world. To continue celebrating them with you, this year the Donizetti Festival will take on a new form. While waiting to welcome an audience again, the event will be available online with a web TV, thanks to which you can enjoy Donizetti’s art even from your living room.

The first appointment is the “Donizetti Revolution vol. 6", a special edition by the artistic director Francesco Micheli that reveals the history and background not only of the festival, but also of the renovation of the Donizetti Theatre. All the operas in the 2020 program will follow on the channel, full of illustrious guests and exciting stories.

Music and culture do not stop, bringing the magic from Gaetano's "home" to yours. Open the door for them!

Donizetti, synonymous with art, waiting to be discovered. In Bergamo, you will find his music, but also his house and museum, his writings, his theatre and his monument in the magnificent S. Maria Maggiore.
The composer continues to make people dream every winter with the Donizetti Festival, which brings his arias and characters on stage in Bergamo’s theatres to the delight of thousands of fans.
This year the festival has a new look, all virtual thanks to the web tv channel Discover a preview of the newly restored Donizetti Theatre!
You will be able to see the operas live and a lot of other special content, including show rehearsals, interviews with the protagonists and “Talk to Gaetano”, in which guests confide in the composer.
The season ticket is already available, with discounts for those who had tickets for the first shows. Interested only in some operas? Watch them individually with the on demand service!
The Donizetti Festival 2020 is just one click away. Enter the room through the screen and enjoy all its exceptional music with the family.

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