Bergamo’s autumn delights
Gifts of nature and tradition to be enjoyed alone or in company

The days begin to shorten and the view is diluted by the autumn mist, it is the perfect setting to discover Bergamo's delights while staying in the warmth.

With the first cold days, there is no better way to restore yourself than with the tasty, rich traditional Bergamasco dishes. Casoncelli, scarpinòccde Parand creste scalvine, together with the traditional polenta with cheese, mushrooms or meat, await you at the table with the energy and taste that only they can provide.

This is the perfect season to try your hand at cooking, so why not prepare them at home following our classic recipes? It will be an opportunity to share precious moments with your family. Or why not take advantage of this romantic season to taste them in the places where they were created, against the backdrop of red forests and wonderful mountains, then indulge in a walk along the paths in the valleys?

All that remains is to prepare eyes and taste buds!

An abundance of melted butter and cheese on casoncelli and scarpinòcc stuffed pasta, with the aroma of sage and the addition of crispy bacon... a mind-blowing combination!
The Creste Scalvine as beautiful as the Scalve Valley’s mountains and as delicious as its cheese, with which they are filled; the condiment is instead inspired by the season. Mouth-watering.
Autumn is also the ideal time to taste, at home or in the producers’ cellars, the new wine from the harvests in the Calepio Valley.
A good red is what it takes to accompany a plate of steaming polenta, seasoned with fresh mushrooms from our woods or with delicious melted Taleggio.
Speaking of dairy excellence: do not miss the experience of a wonderful cheese fondue with the cheeses from our valleys. They are also delicious as raclette!
And who said you have to exaggerate? A glass of Valcalepio red and a cube of Formai de Mut are perfect for a relaxing evening in front of the fireplace.
The side dishes? Fresh km0 autumn vegetables and fruits, that can be found at the Bergamo Earth Market, every Saturday of the month from September to June. Good, healthy and easily accessible.

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