Marvellous Carrara
The beauty of art in a safe environment.

The Carrara reopens its rooms with great news: Caravaggio's The Musiciansis waiting for you until the end of summer, and you can get to know them in total safety.

The Accademia Carrara museum inaugurates the post-Covid-19 era in grand style: its rooms welcome art lovers with two surprises, one management related and one exhibition related.

At the beginning of the visit you will receive a Fidelitas Distance device, a smart bracelet that vibrates and lights up you are less than one metre from another person. The Carrara is the first Italian museum to adopt this electronic tool, which will guarantee you a relaxing experience. Enjoy the masterpieces on display without worries, the museum will take care of your safety and that of others.

Do you want to be even smarter? Ask at the ticket office for the exclusive Carrara brand mask!

And the news doesn’t end here, the extension of the loan granted by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will allow you to see a Caravaggesque masterpiece without having to fly overseas. 

- Come to Carrara to meet The Musicians by Caravaggio (1597), guests of the museum until August 31st. It's your chance to see them live!
- The exhibition will be the perfect time to rediscover the Carrara's permanent collections, which have over 600 masterpieces.
- In the rooms you will find works by Mantegna, Raffaello, Lotto, Pellizza da Volpedo and Evaristo Baschenis, artists who have made history.
- Be amazed by the collections of the great patrons of the past, including Giacomo Carrara himself, and discover the new exhibition The Sound of the Woodpecker Bill by Rovaldi.
- The Carrara awaits you with open arms: you just have to venture into its rooms and explore its beauty, without fear!

The museum is open on Friday (3pm-10pm), Saturday and Sunday (10am-7pm).

To book individual tickets, you can buy the ticket in advance on the website or by contacting the reservations office via email ( or via Whatsapp, on +39 3281721727.

Tickets for groups of up to 10 people can be booked by calling 035 4920090 (Monday to Friday: 9am-6pm and Saturday: 9am-1pm).


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