What’s happening in Bergamo?
Covid-19… an unwanted guest

Bergamo is in a state of medical emergency due to the spread of COVID-19.

Just like an unwanted visitor, it has come all this way but we are doing everything possible to contain it, stop it and finally defeat it.

We are sure that we will get through it. We are from Bergamo, we are determined and strong, and when we face difficulty we accept the challenge and roll up our sleeves to win.

As you know, at least until April 3 you cannot visit Bergamo. There is a decree to protect the entire population and anyone like you who would like to travel to Italy. The borders are closed and movement is regulated to only that which is absolutely necessary. We can, however, use our imagination to virtually explore the places we would like to visit.

Bergamo will rise even more beautiful and stronger and at that point we will be waiting for you with open arms.

Meanwhile, we want to give you some pictures of our beautiful territory because when the emergency is over, you won’t be able to resist coming and touching what we can only show you today.

Explore our Orobie Alps: you can walk the alpine paths in Street view Trekker mode
With a video, we will tell you about Bergamo’s beauty in a compelling hyperlapse.
Explore the shots that capture Bergamo's history. You can do it online by examining the immense Mphotographic heritage at the Sestini Photography Museum.
While waiting to taste our cuisine, show us what you are capable of in the kitchen
In addition to being pristine mountains, the Orobie are home to historic villages, the cradle of Italian art.
Our area is in the Guinness World Records for its hugs. We look forward to seeing you again soon.