Record holder for dairy excellence

Bergamo is a land of records. Among its titles, it also holds a record of cheese-making excellence.

The numbers speak for themselves. Of the 50 national DOPs, 9 belong to the Bergamo area. The Orobic valleys have given rise to an enormous variety of shapes, ages and types of cheese. For these reasons, Bergamo is called the "European Cheese Capital". 

But what makes Bergamo such a privileged place for the cheese-making culture?

They are the Orobie mountains, rich in pastures; the herds, bred with love by the Bergamì (typical herdsman from Bergamo) and the millenary art of the cheesemakers who, as skilled alchemists, transform pure mountain milk into the tastiest cheeses. 

And FORME is the name of the project that aims to valorise the dairy heritage of Bergamo and which organises special events dedicated to cheese. 

In the extraordinary 2019 edition it hosted the World Cheese Awards, the most important international competition dedicated to dairy art where, previously, the exceptional strachitùnt bergamasco was also awarded.

FORME awaits you every year in October!

An epic gathering, the World Cheese Awards have been bringing together cheese specialists and enthusiasts for over thirty years. In the race, more than 3000 cheeses, 235 judges called to select the "super gold", finalists among which the best cheese in the world will be chosen for 2019.
While the judges are busy choosing the best cheese in the world, you can explore the CHEESE FESTIVAL. A large market exhibition held at the Bergamo trade fair, with exhibitions and tastings led by ONAF experts and food stands.
Don’t miss the "And the winner is" exhibition in the stunning renovated Palazzo della Ragione, in the upper town, where all the winners of the past editions of the World Cheese Awards will be on display.
While in the porticoes beneath the Palazzo, "Cheese Valley" will be set up, a large market dedicated to traditional and genuine cheese products.
YOU MUST KNOW: to give strength to the local cheese-making heritage, Bergamo is a candidate for 2019 to become part of the UNESCO Creative Cities for gastronomy. The candidate territory is that of the Cheese Valleys, an area of the Orobie, between the provinces of Bergamo, Sondrio and Lecco. A land that has produced cheese excellence in a sustainable way for over 400 years. The winner will be announced at the end of October 2019.