Easy walks in the Orobie mountains to rebalance mind and body

Imagine leaving the city behind you, the fiery asphalt, and heading along a path that climbs up into the woods.


After a few steps, you find yourself surrounded by tall trees, butterflies, flowers and grass undergrowth. The air gets cool and if you listen, you hear the birds singing and the sound of the stream flowing a few metres away.


You’re in heaven on earth!


The Orobie, Bergamo's Pre-Alps, are dotted with woods and paths. Choose the ones that best suit your needs and immerse yourself in nature. You will be exercising, breathing clean air and regaining balance and energy.


Here are 5 easy walks in Bergamo’s mountains, for this summer:

1 FROM VALCANALE TO ALPE CORTE The walk takes about 45 minutes and is suitable for everyone. The path winds through an age-old forest until it reaches a clearing where the ALPE CORTE refuge is located. There, those who wish, can enjoy a delicious break after the climb.
2 TO RIFUGIO CAPANNA 2000 About an hour’s walk to reach the panoramic and sunny Capanna 2000 refuge. You arrive at Zambla and continue until the end of the road. From the refuge, you can walk the "Sentiero dei Fiori" a delight for flora lovers, especially from mid-July to mid-August.
3 TO THE VO’ WATERFALL It starts from Schilpario, near the village of Ronco and with a half-hour walk among pines, firs and hazels, you arrive at the Vò waterfall: a jump of 25 metres in the middle of the forest. The path is wide and suitable for everyone and you will also find a picnic area near the falls.
4 TO THE 3 FAGGI MILLENARI (MILLENARY BEECHES) From Fuipiano Imagna, after leaving the car in front of the old aqueduct, a path with gentle slopes starts, amid beech tree woods and meadows. In an hour, you reach the three millenary beeches, from here the view is breathtaking. The summit of Resegone, the villages of Brumano and Fuipiano, Monte Linzone and the Roncola. If desired, it is possible to reach the top of the Madonna dei Canti with another hour's walk.
5 AT THE ENCHANTED FOREST TRAIL (ESPECIALLY FOR CHILDREN) An hour's walk, suitable for everyone, in the presence of Presolana, the Queen of the Orobie. Along the way you will meet fantastic and legendary characters, all carved in wood and panels that tell the story. The departure is from the Seriana Valley, from Colle di Vareno.

The Orobie offer an infinite number of routes suitable for all types of excursionists. Book your stay in Bergamo and choose your itineraries.