Guided tours for all tastes

Are you planning your vacation in Bergamo or are you already here?

Imagine being able to explore the city with someone who knows it incredibly well and who, in a short time, can let you discover much more than you could on your own. In the city, you can find something just right for you: from the most traditional tours to running tours, from the panoramic views from the top of the towers to the underground.

Here are some engaging proposals to discover all its secrets:


Guided tours of Bergamo: 2 hours in Italian and in English

Discover Bergamo: from the Campanone to the Rocca. Views you can never forget!

Guided tours and itinerary in the Centre of Bergamo Bassa - the lower town

Saturday morning tours at the Accademia Carrara

LLT - Lorenzo Lotto Tour

Bergamo slow

Slow walk along the Venetian walls

Underground Bergamo

Bergamo Running Tour - Classic Tour

Bergamo Running Tour - Carrara Tour

Escape tour - Escape from the city