Monte Isola, third "Best European Destination 2019"
Bronze medal for the island in Lake Iseo!

With 56024 votes, Monte Isola arrived third on the podium for the title of "Best European Destination 2019", after Budapest and Braga.

The largest lake island in Europe is one of the trendiest destinations to visit in 2019!

A unique destination, with less than 2000 inhabitants and 0 cars. It is a rare place, the perfect fusion of nature, craftsmanship, gastronomy and romance. Eco-sustainability champion and exemplary example of self-sufficiency.


The magic word: sustainability! Among the best car-free destinations in Europe and only Km0 ingredients served in restaurants: dishes include lake fish, wild asparagus, wild strawberries, oil and local wines.
It is the largest lake island in Europe. A fairytale landscape, an explosion of colours, from the azure of Lake Iseo to the green of the arboreal plants to the north and the numerous olive trees on the southern coast.
Romantic place par excellence. In 2015 it was ranked among the most romantic destinations by a jury of travellers and it features in the ranking of the best locations for a marriage proposal.
Time has stopped. This is the peculiarity of Monte Isola. The villages of fishermen and the naet, historic boats, fishing nets, fishing boats produced by hand and sardines that you will see drying in the sun on the street.

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