Orobic animals and where to find them!
Take a tour into Bergamo’s wilderness: here are the creature you can meet!

Whether it is the whistle of a marmot, the flight of an eagle or the walk of an ibex on Lake Barbellino’s vertical dam wall, there are many possibilities to get in touch with the wild animals that live in the Bergamo area.

The faunistic heritage of the Orobic territory is rich, you can meet special animals in every habitat, whether it be the mountains, the city, the lake or the plain.


The hair is its particularity and gives it a rustic look: long and abundant, especially in the back where they form the "dreadlocks", hair curls impenetrable to water.
The boss of Bergamo's Orobie. From the impressive horns, the ibex is a skilled climber who can climb even in extreme places, defying gravity.
Easy to spot, there are a large amount of marmots throughout the Orobie. The marmot lives in groups protected by sentinels, who with their characteristic and very sharp whistle, warn their group of the presence of strangers.
With its spectacular flight parades and the characteristic spiral flight, the queen of the sky is the golden eagle. Four pairs are known in our valleys. (Foto di Baldovino Midali)
Around 20,000 specimens are found around Lake Endine. The female, twice as big as the male, carries him on her back during mating and in spring the toads make their way to the lake to lay their eggs.
Bergamo is home to exclusive species of beetles, spiders and butterflies. In fact, many species of these insects originate here and live exclusively on our Orobie. They are classified as protected and endangered species.