For almost 200 years it has been thought to be a copy of the original painting, but recent studies have shown that it is in fact the original work of Andrea Mantegna.

It is a canvas representing the Resurrection of Christ, preserved in the Accademia Carrara collection.

Acquired as an original work in 1866 by Count Guglielmo Lochis, the mayor of Bergamo and a great admirer of art, it was later attributed to the workshop of Mantegna for years and considered a copy of the original painting.

Remaining for more than a century in the deposits of the Accademia Carrara, the painting aroused the interest of one of the Academy's conservatives, Giovanni Valagussa, who, after years of national and international studies and collaborations declared the paternity of the Resurrection of Christ precisely to the great maestro Andrea Mantegna, dating the work from 1492 - 1493.

It was a small cross in the lower edge of the painting, the keystone of this attribution.

This cross, together with the rocks depicted, represents the natural continuation of another painting that completes the original work, the Descent of Christ to Limbo, sold at an auction by Sotheby in 2003 for more than 25 million dollars.

An extraordinary work of art that represents one more reason to visit Bergamo and the great collection at the Accademia Carrara.