Love is red
"Passion is not blind, it’s visionary." Stendhal

Bergamo loves red, starting with the colours of its flag, this colour, the symbol of passion, has always characterised the beauty of this land.

Bergamasco people’s love for good food is conveyed by its red DOC and DOCG wines that go perfectly with the oldest polenta flour, which was also red.

Come and discover all the shades that Bergamo has to offer, immersed in an atmosphere that couldn’t be more romantic.


Valcalepio is Bergamo’s wine. First DOC in the province, it is protected by a Consortium whose symbol is the leader Bartolomeo Colleoni: a red-coloured personality.
The smallest DOCG in Italy produces a precious wine with a ruby red colour and purple reflections. Moscato di Scanzo pairs perfectly with dark chocolate, for a double aphrodisiac effect.
An ancient corn is cultivated at the foot of the Presolana, Rostrato di Rovetta. Its kernals created a dark yellow flour streaked with red, for making really special polenta.
From the Venetian walls that surround the Upper Town, you can admire the most spectacular sunset: both world heritage and romantic.
Who knows if Stendhal, illustrious guest of Palazzo Terzi in Bergamo, was passionate about walking in the "red room". A stunning room upholstered in damask red and enriched with frescoes and baroque furniture.