Bergamo isn’t afraid of the cold!
There are a lot of ways to fight the rigours of winter: Do you want to know how to warm up in Bergamo? Continue reading!

In Bergamo, we’re not afraid of the cold! In our valleys and in the plain, winter is serious, but we all know how to warm up...

We dive into pools of thermal water at San Pellegrino or stand in front of the fireplace with a cup of steaming hot chocolate, for example. Sip a glass of mulled wine or Bergamasco grappa, or we get moving! Going up and down the steps that link up the Upper Town and the Lower Town you’re sure to warm up, but we like to face the frost with skates and skis, snowshoes or snowboards: the important thing is to move!

The waters of San Pellegrino and Sant'Omobono are ready to welcome you and to make you forget that the temperature is hovering around zero degrees.
Hot chocolate is a must for winter, especially if you savour it in front of our view.
Bergamo is the land of the Alpine soldiers and where they are, there is never a lack of grappa and mulled wine! It makes us warm and cheerful!
Skating outdoors or in the fantastic ice rink, the choice is yours to warm yourself up while skimming across the ice.
But in the snow, warming up becomes a much tougher challenge… the best way is a wonderful snowshoe walk to the mountain refuge, where a delicious steaming bowl of polenta awaits you.