Above and below the UNESCO World Heritage Walls.
The fortified walls surrounding Upper Bergamo are a treasure chest. Don't stop at what you see from the outside and discover the wonders enclosed beneath!

From July 9, 2017, the Walls of Bergamo officially became a World Heritage Site!

But the Walls are not just a monument to be admired with reverence from afar, during the day they are perfect place for walking or running and even for a picnic! And then there are the sunsets.

If you happen to be on the Walls at the right time, don’t miss this extraordinary spectacle, where the sun goes down slowly towards the horizon, illuminating in red the entire plain below! Finally, the underground areas. From April to October you can discover this hidden part of Bergamo. Crossing Porta Sant’Agostino, on the right you can see an opening that leads beneath the ground, precisely at the San Michele Casemate with its astonishing stalactites and stalagmites, walking along the Walls however, towards Colle Aperto, you will find the entrance of the San Giovanni Casemate. The army's weapons and ammunition were preserved here from the Middle Ages to 1800.

The last underground pearl not to be missed is the Fountain of Lantro, located beneath the Church of San Lorenzo and its most recent restoration in August has made it more fascinating than ever!

A good 6 km of UNESCO World Heritage! Bergamo’s Venetian Walls are not to be missed!
Above the Walls: Between morning runs and romantic sunset walks, beneficial effects are guaranteed!
Below the Walls: Walk through the San Michele and San Giovanni Casemates, or discover the incredible Fountain of Lantro.