Water sports and adrenaline
Test your agility with windsurfing, kitesurfing and wakeboarding, or opt for a quiet swim: in our lakes you can dive in everywhere!

Who said the lake is just for quiet walks and sunbathing? Throughout Bergamo and its province we are active and we love sports that get the adrenaline pumping!

On Lake Iseo and Lake Endine you can challenge yourself with many different acrobatic activities. Plough through the waters with a windsurfer, or get yourself towed by a speedboat, taking advantage of the waves on a wakeboard, or even follow the wind movements and propel yourself while kitesurfing!

But if active sports aren’t for you, you can always just jump in and enjoy a swim, our lakes are completely suitable for swimming. 

A board embedded with a large sail, like a boat, but sailed by only one man. With grace, as if no effort was needed. This is windsurfing.
Who knows what birds feel like when they dive down from the sky and into the water? You can try it, gliding down from above while kitesurfing.
Wakeboarding: no need to go to California to surf. You just need a lake, a board and a speedboat to make the waves. Balance and recklessness do the rest!
Two completely swimmable lakes. Choose the most picturesque spot and dive into the green waters of Lake Iseo or Lake Endine. Simply dreamlike!