Christmas: the yummier, the merrier.
Here’s an old Chinese adage: “Eating is one of the four main purposes in life…No one has ever known anything about the other three”. Follow the popular wisdom!

This Christmas, treat yourself with a delicious journey across Bergamo’s cuisine!

When winter comes, so does the lust for warm, steamy and scented meals: it’s a pleasure for body and soul. In Bergamo, you’ll be spoilt with choice if you want to enjoy some delicious product: in fact, you can have a traditional meal prepared with local and excellent ingredients.

P.D.O. cheese for a starter, casoncelli filled pasta, every kind of polenta, pizza, hot chocolate, “polenta e osèi” cake, wine and muscatel, beer…

The time has come: forget about your diet and enjoy our delicious food! 

The land of Bergamo boasts 9 P.D.O. cheeses: try them all! Eaten by themselves or melted in a tasty risotto, mixed up with Gandino corn flour for an exceptional polenta, or even fried, for an unusual finger-food…What a delight!
Casoncelli are fresh pasta raviolis filled with meat, amaretto biscuits, raisins, breadcrumbs and Grana Padano cheese. Eat them with pancetta, melted butter and sage…it will be like flying on Santa’s sleigh!
Polenta is casoncelli’s rival: as a traditionally “poor” dish, it is always served with cheese, sausage, butter…A real delicacy, also takeaway.
There are many pizzerias in Bergamo. Besides classic recipes, try some daring combinations created by our chefs. Unusual matchings, organic and gluten-free flours, local ingredients: in Bergamo, pizza makes Christmas even better.
We love polenta so much that we want to eat every single version of it. That’s why we created this dessert, “polenta e osèi”, made of sponge cake, orange liquor, almond paste and chocolate birds. It literally melts in your mouth.
The drinks chapter. Bergamo C.D.O. wines, such as Valcalepio and Moscato di Scanzo, are the perfect matching for Christmas meals, along with the delicious craft beers produced in many independent breweries across the province.
The Mayas believed that watered cocoa was the gods’ drink. Hot chocolate, its updated version, keeps all those divine characteristics. Bergamo is full of café specialized in this voluptuous Christmas beverage: go find them.