Pure nature, amazing landscapes and unforgettable memories from the hiking trails of Bergamo’s Orobie Mountains, along with the convenience of technology. Is it possible to match these two things? It is, with the help of Google Street View, which managed to map the most beautiful mountain trails of Bergamo.

Just try to imagine you are a trekker, wearing a high-tech backpack equipped with 15 cams able to take high-resolution pictures, plus a special 360° camera weighting over 25 kilos! This trekker goes up the villages of the valleys towards the 17 mountain huts of Bergamo’s C.A.I. (Italian Alpine Club) and his backpack doesn’t miss a thing.
The Google Trekker project on the Orobie comes from the synergy between the USA tech-giant and the passion of Bergamo people.

From today on, everyone - including tourists and mountain lovers - will be able to explore these amazing valleys and mountains online, enjoying breath-taking views directly from the laptop. However, their beauty will surely make you want to turn off the PC, take a backpack and go explore the Orobie Prealps by yourself!