Informazioni sui trasporti accessibili in città e dintorni.

Public Transport in the city


Public transport in the city is managed by the Bergamo Transport Company (ATB), which has nine bus lines (8 with diesel or natural gas vehicles and one with electric vehicles) and two funiculars.

ATB also holds a 55% stake in the TEB (Bergamo Electric Tramway) company, which manages a Tram line which partially services the city area (7 out of 16 stops).



All vehicles are equipped with a lowered floor (maximum height from the ground: 30cm) and a platform that can be raised/lowered for wheelchair access, in correspondence with the central door.

The platform is manual and must be activated by the driver. Passengers in wheelchairs must get on and off the bus independently and, once on board, take a seat in the space provided and activate the safety devices. It is not necessary to book the platform service.

Access is also allowed to passengers with motorised wheelchairs weighing up to 250kg (fully loaded).

Passengers with motor disabilities, even if not in wheelchairs, can ask to get on through the central doors.

Guide dogs for the blind and rescue dogs can also travel free of charge even if they exceed the size limit and are without a muzzle.

The ATB Mobile app was created in accordance with user experience platforms iOS and Android. The iOS version can be used with Voice Over, an application for the blind.

The accessible stops, i.e. equipped with sidewalk / platform at a height of at least 15cm from the road surface, are indicated on the stop timetables, in the section of the site Calculate route ( -transit) and in google maps with the symbol.

It is possible to signal the desire to take advantage of a specific route by sending an email to the address by 12 noon on the working day preceding that of use.



The two existing funiculars (City Funicular and San Vigilio Funicular) are equipped with a platform stair lift system for access to the cabins (one cabin out of two for the City Funicular) and specific accommodation for the transport of one wheelchair at a time.

Access is guaranteed by the operator's assistance.

The stations of the funicular are equipped with braille maps and tactile-plantar paths on the ground.

Priority access is reserved for passengers with disabilities.



All trams are accessible to people in wheelchairs, thanks to the coplanarity of the platforms with the floor of the carriages.

Once on board, wheelchair passengers must park in the specially equipped spaces and activate the relative safety devices.

Acoustic and visual signals operate on board the trams announcing the next stop.

All stops are accessible: reachable by lifts and/or by ramps connecting the pavement/road and platforms and with tactile-planar guides on the ground.

The two terminus stops and the Borgo Palazzo stop are equipped with tactile maps of the service.


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