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Venetian Gates


The four doors that open along the perimeter of the walls are named, except for the gate of Sant’Agostino, after neighbouring churches, demolished in order to build the walls, including the early Christian basilica of Sant’Alessandro.

The facade of the Gate of San Giacomo (1593), facing Lower Bergamo, features the lion of San Marco.

The stone bridge was built in 1780 by the Podestà Alvise Contarini.

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The Asperti perspective. Journey on the trail of Giacomo Quarenghi - Leningrad 1966/1967

From July 14, 2017 at September 09, 2017

The Asperti perspective....

Piazza Mercato del Fieno, 6a, 24129 Bergamo , Bergamo
Ex Church of Sant’Agostino and Fara
San Michele Casemate

Fontana Del Delfino




Palazzo Stampa

Sant'Agostino Gate

Scay: reception and services for travellers

Baschenis Exhibition

From April 23, 2017 at September 04, 2017

Baschenis Exhibition

Piazza Giacomo Carrara, 82, 24121 Bergamo , Bergamo