Bergamo goes to Expo
One day at the Universal Exhibition

Discover the year’s world event: happenings, delicious food and entertainment just a step away from Bergamo, the starting and arrival point of a perfect day at Expo.


One day can be enough to discover Expo Milan 2015. Whether by train or by car, the universal exhibition can be easily reached from Bergamo.


Bergamo is just a step away from Milan: jump on a train to Expo! Enjoy the lovely trip across the Bergamo plain, where the valley gets broader and the majestic Alps stand out against the background.
Discover the greatest event ever made about food and nutrition: an area of 1,1 millions of square meters and an incredible number of conferences, art events and shows.
Let’s cross Expo’s two main streets, the Cardo and the Decumano, lined with the participating Countries’ Pavilions and the common areas dedicated to restoration and to numerous events.
After spending an intense day in Milan, go back to Bergamo to have dinner. Both in Città Alta and Città Bassa, Bergamo is offering a wide range of restaurants ready to delight you with the local food.
Eventually, you can relax with a pleasant walk along the historical streets of Città Alta, while the Campanone Bell Tower tolls its hundred rings as it does every night, before going to sleep in one of Bergamo’s numerous hotels.