Street artists are coming to Bergamo for an unmissable happening! On September 5th and 6th, several shows are going to amuse both children and adults all along the streets of Borgo San Leonardo.

Two days that are going to turn the Borgo San Leonardo old district and the downtown centre of Bergamo into an outdoor stage, with numerous wonderful shows taking place in different positions. 

Both renowned and emerging street artists are going to perform in 8 spots across the historical area of the “lower city”: Piazza Pontida, Largo Cinque Vie, via San Lazzaro, via San Bernardino and via Moroni.

Jugglers, clowns, musicians, young illusionists, and much more: you can also taste the delicious cuisine of Bergamo’s first gastronomic district, named “Borgo San Leonardo’s Kitchens”. Discover the 15 bars and restaurants on the food-map you will find across the streets…Just indulge your every whim!

Programme in short:

The festival and the shows start around 6 pm on Saturday, September 5th till 1 am and on Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm.

Artists will perform in several stations. Just to mention a few:

- Le pirouettes ensamble, a Bergamo-based team playing with burning clubs. They are also tightrope walkers, musicians and jugglers, young and rising.

- Andrea Menozzi, clown, mime actor and juggler, for a “very close to the audience” performance!

- Claudio Montuori, a Roman renowned and versatile artist. He can’t just be defined as a street artist; indeed he’s the real “Master” of this festival. Not to be missed!

- Al-Kimiya: fire is always something spectacular and these artists know it very well. A magical and suggestive atmosphere, where street art, martial art, dance and contemporary theatre blend with each other.