Would you like to taste a unique gift from the earth? Do you want to know the numerous oddities around this magical and fascinating world?

Don’t miss the chance to discover more about the world of mushrooms, tasting and touching these precious products of nature. Please come to Fungolandia 2015, the festival dedicated to the high Brembana Valley mushrooms! 

It’s the tenth edition of Fungolandia (“Mushroom-land”), the event planned by Altobrembo under the patronage of Bergamo Province and other bodies and institutions of our territory.

From September 5th to 13th, the highest Brembana Valley is going to welcome you with an array of events, including delicious tasting menus. The restaurants of Mezzoldo, Cusio, Piazza Brembana, Cassiglio and Santa Brigida will guide you through the different tastes of Bergamo’s mountains and will also submit you several dishes made of mushrooms, as well as other local products such as wild herbs, alpine cheeses, the renowned “mascherpa”, and also fresh homemade pasta and polenta “taragna” (polenta with melted cheese).

An occasion not to be missed to discover every delicacy of Bergamo’s alpine gastronomic tradition. 

Gastronomy won’t be the only feature! In fact, besides tastings and retail area where to buy mushrooms and truffles, the programme also offers guided excursions with professional mycologists, photographic expositions, cooking workshops, games, activities and conferences...eventually, you will be a real master of mushrooms!


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