A new artistic installation is lighting up the heart of Bergamo. This is the “Waterfall of Light” on the facade of the Credito Bergamasco in Porta Nuova, another piece of art enriching the city that will soon host the international festival “Nights of Light”.


One of the most important buildings of the city centre is decorated with a jewel of design but it is not the only one. “Itineraries of Light”, a project created by the trade district of Bergamo, combines art and technique to highlight the city and its most famous panoramas.

Artistic installations like the “Waterfall” in Porta Nuova and the “Ball of Yarn” in Piazzale Alpini combine with the “Atelier of Light”, fascinating projections on buildings and with the distinctive object of the festival, the “Man of Light”.

With these appreciable efforts, Bergamo is preparing itself to host, from 31st August to 6th September, “Nights of Light”, an international festival which combines innovations of illuminating engineering to environmental sustainability.

It will be an “illuminated showcase” for Bergamo in 2015, the international year of light proclaimed by UNESCO.