From August 13th to August 16th, Riva di Solto hosts the Festival of St. Rocco. The quaint village of Lake Iseo will be led by craft markets, dances and you will be able to taste the recipes of the lake.



Riva di Solto, a village located on the western shore of Lake Iseo, is a true natural amphitheater on the lake, on the famous island of Montisola and on the peaks of the spectacular Corna Trentapassi. A picturesque village out of time, enriched by a lakeside in the shade of palm trees and the architecture of its ancient churches and palaces. In the four days of mid‐August, the village famous for its sardines proposes markets, music and dancing, bingo and lotteries, as well as the unique opportunity to taste the dishes of the province of Bergamo and fish specialties of Lake Iseo directly in the square of the port and along the lake.

Top event:
The evenings of August 15th and 16th will be lit by the unmissable spectacle of "candles on the lake", with a thousand candles that will be scattered from fishing boats, creating arabesques and lights around the body of water of Riva di Solto, until reaching, if the wind wants, even the other side of the lake.