Now in its 39th edition, this year's exhibition at Villa d'Ogna is an excellent opportunity to learn about mushrooms and their secrets, all very close to the nature which welcomes them.

The high Seriana Valley is a land of connoisseurs, the perfect setting to host an exhibition totally dedicated to mushrooms and nature. A unique opportunity to learn about the most common species, from the delicious pore mushrooms to the poisonous amaniti, to learn to recognize and understand the environments where they grow naturally. The gym "Fausto Radici" of Villa d'Ogna hosting the event is also a great starting point for hikes and trips in the mountains of Val Seriana, looking for mushrooms to taste accompanied by a slice of polenta, the typical dish of the Bergamo valleys.

To who do we suggest it?

To mushroom lovers, those who love to collect and to eat them, but especially to those who love to walk in the woods to discover its secrets.

The unmissable events

From August 1st to August 16th, 2015: porcines, fairy rnigs, honey mushroom, but also amaniti and ovules displayed at the “Faust Radici” gym of Villa d’Ogna.                     

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