140 kilometres, over 9,500 metres of elevation gain in 46 hours.
Almost the length of three marathons on very little tarmac: this is the world's first ever mountain ultra-trail ending right in the heart of the city. 

It might sound crazy, but it isn't ... actually: the Orobie Ultra-Trail is no leisurely walk through the park. Indeed, the trail leads athletes into valleys laced with rough, uneven paths and up over high mountain passes before reaching the Città Alta - the heights and heart of Bergamo itself.  

There are more figures to this extra-ordinary event than just the number of kilometres:  950 athletes from 15 different countries, 600 volunteer staff, 22 refreshment stops, 10 mountain refuge huts, 32 municipalities crossed in 3 spectacularly breath-taking days!

Organisers offer a choice of two different trails: one from Clusone in the Seriana Valley starting at 14:00 hours on July 31, and one from Carona in the Brembana Valley starting at 08:00 hours on August 1. Both trails end inside the beautiful Città Alta.  However, before reaching the finishing line, athletes must cover many - indeed, a truly staggering amount – kilometres in the Orobie Prealps of the Bergamo area. 

The not-quite-so-fit - this being an understatement, of course! - can also opt for the Orobie Grand-Trail:    65 kilometres with 5,000 metres of elevation gain in 26 hours. It’s not extreme, but it’s not easy either!