Over 50 of the top troupes of street entertainers from the international panorama and upwards of 40,000 visitors for a 4-day spectacular of on-the-road artistry.
Where? In Sarnico, along the shores of Lake Iseo

Over 160 art performances held in the streets, alleyways and along the lakeside promenades of stunning Sarnico. The sounds, lights and colours of the performing arts will enliven and animate this fascinating town in the Bergamo area. 

The inspiring views of Lake Iseo are set to welcome the 'Sarnico Buskers Festival', where every year since 2007, thousands of people gather especially for this magical event, whose cannot-possibly-miss-it quality and flavour is unfailingly captured by the press.   

Currently in its ninth year, this great festival of buskers is among the best and most prestigious in the province for both quality and variety. Indeed, the mix of theatre, music, dancing, circus arts, juggling brings fun for just about everyone and all age groups!